Friday, July 18, 2014

Wanderlust, #1 in the Story of Us series.

For those who saw, I'm co-authoring a book with my BFF and fellow author, Lacey Weatherford! It was originally called Fall For Me, but as we begun working on it, it took a HUGE breakaway from the storyline, leading us to totally revamp it! You guys ... it's BEYOND INCREDIBLE! We're both sooooo excited to share this with you--especially the gorgeous new cover! Isn't is amazing??

Wanderlust is also now available for preorders on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, & Kobo. Please be advised that Barnes & Noble hasn’t completed all the updates, so it shows the old cover and book description, but the changes are coming and you can still order from the link. For those who ordered the previous Fall For Me, don't worry, the site you used will still deliver the book on August 24th 

So here you go ... one-click away! You're going to LOVE Ryder and Skylar 

Release Date: August 24, 2014
Authors: Belinda Boring & Lacey Weatherford
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance
Recommended Age: 18+ for mature themes and subject matter


Young painter, Skylar Blue, is thrilled with the opportunity to move to the San Francisco Bay area and start Art School. This has been a dream of hers for as long as she can remember. Things only get better on moving day when she drops a bunch of boxes and a hunky man rushes to her aid. Immediately, she feels a connection with him, but she’s not sure why. 

Ryder McKinley can’t seem to walk away from Skylar Blue—he finds her mesmerizing—even though he shouldn’t. But when she invites him in for a cup of coffee, he happily follows her inside, wanting to get to know her even better.

He never expected to fall for her. Now he’s in trouble. Ryder has a secret…a secret that is never supposed to be shared…with the humans. He’s a Wanderer, from a superior race of immortal beings, and there’s only one way for Skylar to truly stay with him. She will have to risk death. That’s not an option for Ryder. Instead, he’s simply going to enjoy these rare stolen moments he’ll have with her until they can’t be together anymore.

But then the unthinkable happens, shattering everything into a billion pieces.

In an epic story that will expand all bounds, Ryder and Skylar will learn that only true love can overcome all obstacles, no matter how horrific. 

Don’t miss out on this first installment of The Story of Us, book one, Wanderlust.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Impending Doom - Food for Thought.

I think I've just been reminded of a great life lesson.

I've been sitting outside on my patio, watching the dark clouds in the distance. They looked so black and ominous--like they could suck the light from the day. Whoever was experiencing them was getting rain and thunder and all I could think was, "Wow, when they get here, it's going to be intense."

Needless to say, they're almost here, but my first impression is SO different. The darkness isn't so oppressive. The clouds aren't so black. Yes, it's still a storm, but it doesn't seem so BIG as when I saw it on the horizon.

Isn't that how life is? Sometimes we see things coming for us and we panic. We become afraid of the "battle" approaching and worry it'll consume us. Little do we realize that while it might still be a challenge, it isn't always "doom and gloom." And I'll even admit it, there's BEAUTY in the way lighting changes the world surrounding us. There's grace to be found in weathering the storm and realizing there was no reason to shrink backward. Even as the wind picks up and thunder rumbles loudly, you can still remain unmoved--strong enough to face it.

And yep, any chance you get--dance in the rain!

Enjoy your day <3

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#TeaserTuesday - Darkness Unleashed

Want another sneak peek at Darkness Unleashed? I'm getting a lot of incredible feedback so let the countdown begin with only 19 days LEFT!

Most times, the greatest threats are from those you disregard as weak, beneath you. The one you underestimate and pity. It is the downtrodden, the helpless, who always manage to dig just a little bit deeper inside to find whatever courage they need to take a stand. The most extraordinary power doesn’t lie in artifacts and acquired wealth and knowledge. It is found within the soul of the one who doesn’t accept defeat.
The very gates of Hell could open and unleash all its darkness, yet a single solitary flame could set its foundations crumbling.

© Darkness Unleashed by Belinda Boring, Coming July 27th 2014.

Happy reading <3

Happy Anniversary To Me!!

Let me tell you all a story. (sorry it's a long post but hey, there's a surprise or two at the end!* Feel free to share.

Once upon a time ... THREE YEARS AGO to be exact, a hopeful young woman sat with her BFF late one night and wished she could share a short story she'd written with the world. She was TERRIFIED, but her friend whispered, "Be brave. Do it!" Together, they created a cover and formatted the story, uploading it in the wee hours of July 8th, 2011. No one knew it was coming, but when the newly published author announced on her blog and Facebook "SURPRISE!!", everyone rushed to read about the young werewolf, Darcy Matthews, and her Alpha fiancé, Mason O'Connor. The young author was so excited and proud that day as she watched her dreams become a reality, the result of her dream hitting numerous bestsellers list. Little did she know what the future held in store for her.

If she had, she wouldn't have waited so long to publish!

Wanna know who that young woman was? Hahaha YES, that was ME! Three years ago TODAY I bravely published the first in the Mystic Wolves series and had NO CLUE it would explode into something so wonderfully amazing! I'm about to publish my TENTH book, working on my eleventh and twelfth as we speak, and have had so many AMAZING experiences that it has quite literally CHANGED MY LIFE. So much that I met up with someone I knew many, many years ago and they didn't recognize me. 

These past three years have taught me so much - to never give up, to follow your heart, to be brave even when things are scary, to dream big, to never let someone else dictate your happiness, to not hide your talents, and most of all, embrace your own awesome! 

To celebrate, I wanted to first say a huge THANK YOU. It doesn't matter whether you've been with me from the beginning or whether you've joined my journey throughout different parts of the years. What's important is you're here and I'm grateful for all your support! Thank you for loving my characters and books so passionately. Thank you for asking for more. Thank you for making me laugh, smile, cry, and strive harder. THANK YOU!

In honor of today, I have TWO gifts: first is a SIGNED paperback of the winner's choice. The second is a custom swag piece that will be a SURPRISE (which is perfect because this whole MARVELOUS adventure started with one!) To enter: comment below and let me know about something that's changed YOUR life. Big or small, let's celebrate it 

Ready, set, GO!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let's Get Social!

Don't miss out on all the latest news about what I'm up to - follow me on whatever social media site you participate in and more! I have so many amazing things planned for the upcoming year!

Come say hello!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mark Your Calendars: Official Release Dates!

For the first time ever, I'm revealing the official release dates for my next SEVEN books. Not only that, but I also have PREORDER links for Apple iBooks so you can secure your ecopies NOW!

Darkness Unleashed:
Last Wolf Standing:
Broken Trust:
Broken Illusions:
Bittersweet Melody:
Fall For Me:

Darkness Unleashed releases July 27th, 2014. You're not going to want to miss out on the next installment of the Mystic Wolves series!

Happy reading.