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Recycled Post: So There's This Boy and This Girl.

(This post was originally shared as part of a blog tour over at Sassy Book Lovers in 2011)

So There Was This Boy And This Girl

Introduction to Darcy and Mason
I think it’s safe to mention when an author starts writing a new story, they fall in love with their characters. I can say this because that’s definitely what happened with me. From the very beginning, Darcy has impressed me and Mason … well he flat out makes me swoon. Being able to share their story has been so much fun and it’s easy to get caught up in – the love and respect they have for each other and of course, the incredible passion. It’s every romance readers dream!

Funnily enough, over a year ago I wrote a story called The Promise of Heat. It told the story of a female werewolf who had a mother on the relentless mission of finding her daughter a mate. No matter who she introduced, this daughter wasn’t interested and it frustrated her parent to no end. The daughter was also annoyed because she had told herself she would never settle. She wanted passion, intensity as well as love and devotion from the one she married and until she found it, she would remain single. But where the mother failed, Fate didn’t and through a magical twist, led the girl straight to her mate. Little did I know then, this was about Darcy and Mason.

Darcy, to me, is an amazing heroine. She shows such strength and compassion for those around her but she’s not without her flaws. She can be incredibly stubborn but always, always there are good intentions behind it. We learned in The Mystic Wolves that, despite the urgings of Mason, Darcy will always try to resolve a conflict peacefully, looking to see if she can talk her way out of it instead of resorting to her werewolf nature. Unfortunately it backfired for her and the price she paid was too much to bear. We find her  heartbroken and adamant the only way to make amends is to run. She’s not a coward but grief can make you do crazy things, right? I remember after losing my best friend two years ago, I didn’t think too clearly and this is what I love about Darcy. Although she’s supernatural, she’s also very human and it makes her relatable. You can’t help but feel for her as she struggles to find balance.

Mason, Mason, Mason. What a hero. If you’re like me, reading romance is all about the swoon and the sexy hero. You love the way he loves the heroine, doing everything he can to protect her, putting all things aside if he needs to. Nothing is more important to him than the woman he cherishes and if needs be, he’ll move heaven and earth just to see her smile. This is how I see Mason and judging from some of the comments I receive, others see him the same way. Here is the Alpha of the Pack with tremendous responsibilities. He’s lost his sister, his mate-to- be is traumatized and filled with doubt and on top of that, there’s a possible threat out there. What’s a young man to do? He stops it all so he can help Darcy. No hesitation, despite people waiting to talk with him. What an amazing guy! This doesn’t include how he makes Darcy feel when he looks at her, kisses her or when he reaches in and touches her. *insert sigh* Doesn’t he sound perfect?
Separately, these two are wonderful but together, they are extraordinary. I know, I know … I’m biased because I wrote the story but they have such incredible potential. They are a team, fully committed to one another and together they help balance the other. There’s no judgment between them, no viewing the other as weak. If there is a need, they are there to support and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them. That kind of love and passion will definitely be challenged but hey, I’m a lover of romance so you know - they’ll always get their happily ever after … eventually!

You can discover more about them by reading The Mystic Wolves series ...

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Testing Fate
Forever Changed
Savage Possession
Darkness Unleashed
Last Wolf Standing
and memory collection, A Very Mystic Christmas.

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Jingle Bell Book Hop: Free books and giveaways!

Welcome to the Jingle Bell Book Hop!

I LOVE Christmas. 


I love decorating my tree, listening to carols, visiting with family, and keeping secrets. That last part is a killer because as much as I love being able to surprise those I love with gifts, it drives me CRAZY having to wait. There was one Christmas where I bought my hubby some cool electronics during a Black Friday sale and each time I saw him after that, it was on the tip of my tongue to spill the beans.

Heck, I'm bouncing around in my seat with excitement right down to the last second before they unwrap the present. For me it isn't about how much was spent or how small/big it is. It's the fact that when I saw that special something, I immediately thought of them -- something that would make them smile. Something they wouldn't have gotten for themselves.

Everyone deserves that, right?

If you're following this blog hop, you already know one of the SURPRISES is by commenting below with your name and email, each reader gets a FREE EBOOK from the author.

The Mystic Wolves (#1 in the Mystic Wolves series) is currently FREE everywhere so I'd like to give you  FORGET ME NOT, as well!! This is the second book in my bestselling paranormal romance series and one readers rave about!

All I need is your name and email in the comments below!

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But wait ... there's more!

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I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas and enjoy the rest of the blog hop! There are some incredible authors participating and here's your chance to fill your e-readers with 30+ amazing stories! Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter below - there are TWO Kindle Fires plus gift cards up for grabs. Then ...


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24 Days of Christmas + Giveaway!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I love this time of the year. For me, it's about magic, family, and tradition. I've been lucky in my life to experience different kinds of Christmases: in Australia, England, and America.

Being born and raised in Australia, Christmas always fell during the summer. I remember going down to the beach and eating a chicken dinner under the hot sun with seagulls flying about. I remember sitting around the table with my family and tugging on festively decorated crackers. Just thinking about them make me a little homesick - the loud pop and wondering what kind of joke was inside. Everyone ended up wearing colorful paper hats!

Whenever I think about my holidays in England, I think of SNOW and family, of Yorkshire pudding and coal fires. Everyone would come over and the house would be filled with laughter. That's when I learned another family tradition -- the First Footer -- where as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Day a male crosses the threshold with coal, drink, food, and coin. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity for the coming year!

I live in the US now and while I still enjoy family, fun, and great food, there's another tradition that's near and dear to my heart -- Christmas caroling. For the past few years, all our family has piled onto the back of a trailer and driven around town singing! We sometimes forget the words, and it's not always on key, but there's no denying the amazing feeling. It's always something I look forward to, despite the chilly night air.

As part of the Author Showcase, I'm giving away a SIGNED paperback of my Christmas Mystic Wolves novella, A Very Mystic Christmas! I LOVE this collection of memories from the different characters from the series. Readers have enjoyed getting a chance to see their favorites in stories from the past -- moments that made them fall even more in love!

To enter, leave a comment about a favorite Christmas tradition and a winner will be randomly chosen. The prize will also include swag and a special SURPRISE <3

Here's a small peek from A Very Mystic Christmas ...

Snippet from "I Love You S'More"

“Surprise, beautiful.” He brushed a faint kiss over my lips, leaving an even fainter taste of something behind. I couldn’t help it. I licked my lips and caught the familiar flavor of mint. 

“Mmmm.” I touched his mouth again, hoping to capture more as I licked the pad of my thumb. “Peppermint?”

“Candy cane. I couldn’t resist swiping one from the Christmas tree in the main living room.” He winked and my insides flip flopped. Mason didn’t hold himself back when it came to flirting with me and I wondered if I’d ever get used to it.
“Well, it was delicious.”

“Then, by all means, have another taste.”

Snippet from "Is That An Elf On Your Shelf?"

“Okay, ‘fess up. Who does this belong to?”
Placing the toy elf on the island counter, I glared at the three I felt were the guiltiest. Mason was busy helping Darcy set the table for dinner while Jasmine was searching the refrigerator for something.
“Huh?” she asked, sticking her head out for a moment. It still seemed strange seeing Mason’s little sister all grown up, her blonde hair in a high ponytail. Well, not as weird as the feelings that stirred within me when I saw her. I knew she had a small crush on me; and if it weren’t for the fact that I knew Mason would kick my ass for even looking at her twice, I’d definitely make a move. 

She was beautiful and totally unassuming in how she affected people. As hard as it was for me, she was on my forbidden fruit list. There was no way I’d run the risk of hurting her and ruining our relationship. Besides, crush or not, I was pretty sure she saw me as another brother.
“This.” I pointed at the elf, again. “Whoever thinks they can prank me needs to think again. There’s only one jokester in this Pack and it’s me.” I snorted with disgust as all three of them laughed. “It’s not funny. It’s creepy.” 

Don't forget to visit the Facebook event to visit each author!

Also enter the amazing rafflecopter for the event!

Happy reading, everyone <3

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#GivingTuesday with Kimberly Knight!

Here's your chance to be part of 
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Author Kimberly Knight is donating all sales for her book #TattooedDots on 12/2 for #GivingTuesday in support of finding a cure for Desmoid Tumors. Help us #FindaCure because #TumorsSuck especially #DesmoidTumors. Like, comment, share and become a #KnightReader by #OneClicking and/or gifting this book to someone.

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Happy reading, everyone!!

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Last Wolf Standing Is Now AVAILABLE!!

The wait is OVER! Last Wolf Standing, the next stunning installment in the Mystic Wolves series, is NOW AVAILABLE! *pauses for a celebratory WOOT* What are you waiting for ... ONE-CLICK this swoony bad boy and get your fix of Mason and Darcy! #Woohoo #YouAreGoingToLoveIt

Official Blurb:

“In the space between breaths, Mason’s world forever altered and my heart broke for him. Once again, he was being called to face the refiner’s fire. Only time would tell if he’d survive it, this time, unscathed.” 

War has come to the Mystic Wolves Pack—one that brings the supernatural community together in the desperate fight to destroy the Master. Things have never been so dire, or dark, for Mason and Darcy as their love for each other and their friends fuel their determination to win at any cost—no matter the price. 

Hope soon turns to bitter frustration. 
Friendships will be tested. 
Lives are on the line—heartache and betrayal inevitable. 

Buy Links:

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For those who are new to the series, the 1st book is FREE!

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Teaser Tuesday - Last Wolf Standing


Last Wolf Standing is less the TWO WEEKS away so to help with the wait, here's a snippet between Mason and Devlin that had me SNORTING! What do you think?

     “Should we start discussing crocheting and Pinterest now?” Darcy piped up, a definite shine blazing in her eyes—one that tempted me to pull her onto my lap and kiss her. “You know, since we’re all just sitting around discussing mixology as amateur bartenders and ignoring the fact we’ve got more pressing matters to address.”

      “Well, now that you’ve mentioned it,” Devlin interrupted, leaning forward so his elbows rested on his knees. “OMG! I found this wicked craft project that was pinned the other night. We should totally get together and make it! Here, let me pull it up on my phone.”

      It was during moments like these that the similarities between uncle and niece were blatantly obvious—even down to the same infectious, snarky sense of humor.

      Placing my empty tumbler beside me on the side table, I rolled my eyes at both of them. “Fine, fine. There’s no need to be smart asses. Can’t a guy take a minute to just breathe and enjoy his whiskey in peace?”

      “By all means, honey.” Darcy smiled, winking back at me. “I’m just teasing.”

      “I wasn’t.” Devlin grumbled, completely failing to hide his own grin. “Pinterest is my Zen. I could pin and post for hours.”
“Yes, Vlad,” I answered, already predicting his response.

      Bulls-eye. “Take. That. Back.”

      “Hey, I’m not judging. What a man does with his spare time is his own business. Frankly, I always thought you were more the bedazzling kind. At least I know where to send our young Pack members when they need help with their school projects.”
“Hater,” Devlin mumbled under his breath.

      “Martha Stewart.” I mouthed in returned.

© Last Wolf Standing, Belinda Boring / Blushing Heart Press.

Last Wolf Standing is available for preorder on Apple iTunes, B&N, and Smashwords. 
Amazon will be available November 30th.

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